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Videos with super magnets

We regularly publish new videos for you on our YouTube channel. Below are our four most important video formats to give you an overview of our versatile videos.
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Table of Contents

Ask Fausto

We want to take a step further, beyond just writing down our magnet knowledge. We want to visualise it for you through our new video series "Ask Fausto" on YouTube where we answer your questions about magnets and magnetism. The Ask Fausto Playlist features all available episodes.
Who is Fausto?
Fausto is not a pseudonym; it’s his real name. If he is not in front of a camera, he works in our Italian-speaking customer service team. His experience and charm make him the perfect person for this video series.
How can I participate?
Send your questions and suggestions to [email protected] Fausto is excited to find out which topics he can pursue next and what experiments he can come up with to explain them.

Will it Smash?

Under the title "Will it smash?" we filmed several videos of collisions between large neodymium magnets and their pitiful victims in between. Whenever possible we use a high-speed camera to be able to show the lightening-speed collisions in slow motion.
We collected the fantastic footage in our Smashing Playlist on YouTube. See for yourself how our strongest magnets destroy cookies, mustard tubes, and more.

DIY & Experiments

We love magnets! That's why we show you in our videos what crazy and wonderful things you can do with magnets. We regularly publish new videos about magnet experiments on our YouTube channel.
In our playlist with magnet experiments you can find a collection of crazy videos by us and our customers. Creative arts and crafts videos can be found in our DIY playlist.


In our videos, we like to show how much fun our products are and what you can do with them. Whether it's magnetic putty or crazy ferrofluid - we'll capture it on camera for you. We also like to introduce spectacular magnet sculptures on our YouTube channel.
In the product playlist, we collected our own videos and various videos by YouTube cooperation partners. Let them inspire you for your own projects!

By the way, many other fascinating magnet videos can also be found on our customer applications page. Just look for a grey camera symbol on the summary page as a quick reference to identify which application example contains a video.