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Magnetic sheet for arts & crafts, highlighting and labelling

Magnetic sheets can be used for presentations or seminars on whiteboards or other magnetic boards. You can cut out any shapes and attach them to all metal surfaces. Besides the high-quality magnetic sheets with strong adhesive force, our assortment also contains self-adhesive magnetic sheets, printable magnetic paper, magnetic discs, and a selection of coloured magnetic frames.

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23 items
Article ID Description Weight in g
MS-A4 Coloured magnetic sheet 231
MS-A4-STIC Self-adhesive magnetic sheet 231
NMS-A4-STIC Self-adhesive magnetic sheet neodymium 468
MIP-A4-01 Magnetic paper glossy 500
MIP-A4-02 Magnetic paper matt 423
BA-014AR Magnetic symbols Arrow large 243
BA-014RE Magnetic symbols Rectangle large 243
BA-014BR Magnetic symbols Speech Bubble, rectangular 243
BA-014CI Magnetic symbols Circle large 243
BA-014BO Magnetic symbols Speech Bubble, oval 243
BA-014CL Magnetic symbols Cloud 243
BA-014TR Magnetic symbols Triangle large 243
BA-016 Magnet symbols Smiley 368
MS-W Prohibition signs magnetic 65
QMS-A5 Magnetic frame A5 69
QMS-A5-STIC Magnetic frame self-adhesive A5 92
QMS-A4 Magnetic frame A4 102
QMS-A4-STIC Magnetic frame self-adhesive A4 130
MS-100500MWBM Whiteboard sheet magnetic 8000
BA-022 Day magnets 236
BA-023 Month magnets 236
MIP-A4-03 Magnetic labels printable 473
BA-015LN Letters & numbers magnetic 508