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Ingenious life hacks with magnets

Solve a common problem with little effort: Life hacks are simple tricks - though someone has to come up with them initially.
Magnets work well for this type of application as they help to quickly attach and remove objects.
We searched through our customer projects for the tried & true and compiled ten practical magnetic life hacks for you.

Remove batteries
Exchanging or removing batteries is tough sometimes, but it doesn't have to be.
Magnets can provide a quick solution:
Instead of trying to get batteries out with a nail, simply pull them out with a magnet.

Cable/Cord holder
This hack makes sure you always have charging, USB, and other cables and cords handy:
First, wrap a pen spring around the cable. Alternatively, you can also glue a magnet on the cable head.
Then, place a self-adhesive disc magnet on the table edge and attach the cable to it.

Clever cleaning
It is hard to clean the inside of bottles or jars with a narrow neck. Try this easy way:
Cut into a piece of cleaning sponge and place a neodymium magnet inside (glue or sew in). This cleaning utensil goes into the bottle. You can move the sponge with another magnet from the outside.
Secure a tablecloth
The wind often causes tablecloths on outside tables to shift around.
Here is how you can avoid that:
Simply stick the corners of the tablecloth between two water-proof magnets.
If the table has metal parts, you can just attach the tablecloth with a magnet.

Nails on a hammer
So simple, yet so helpful:
A neodymium magnet that sticks to a hammer head can hold several nails.
This way, you'll always have nails handy when you are hammering.

Picture stand
You don't always need a picture frame. Just stick a postcard or photo between two rod magnets (a few cube magnets work as well) and you have a minimalistic picture stand.
You also avoid the annoying reflections from polished glass.

More storage space
More room for groceries in no time:
With magnets, you can hang up tin cans, screw-top jars, and bottles with metal lids on the bottom side of shelves.
With metal shelves, you don't even need adhesive or Sugru.
Clean and dripped-off brush
Where to put a brush when you take a little break during painting?
With a magnet on the inside and outside of the paint can, you can attach the metal part of your brush to the inside magnet.
When you have a metal paint can, a magnet on the inside is enough.

Keeping fixing pins together
If you don't want to get upset anymore about dropped or scattered fixing pins or other needles:
Glue a magnet to the bottom of a little bowl or saucer and you'll have your needles together.
Warm clothes
It is cold and you'd love to wear a warm jumper when you go outside?
The dish towel is still wet from the wash but you want to use it soon?
Throw it on the radiator! Magnetic clasps or magnetic binder clips come in handy for hanging things up.
Can’t get enough of these clever life hacks with magnets? Neither can we! That’s why we have been collecting practical tips and tricks from our customers for quite some time now. You will be amazed to learn to what ends you can use magnets.